Growing up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, spending his college years in New York and London, and eventually settling in Los Angeles, Grant’s music greatly reflects his roaming lifestyle. A singer-songwriter by trade and a wanderer by nature, his music always carries influences from the places he’s been and more often than not the places he’s dreamt of. While still strongly anchored in the musical traditions he grew up with, Grant’s music continues to evolve and change with him, drifting in and out of modern, classic, and folk sounds. With over fifty songs in his ever-expanding catalog and lots of performance experience, Grant is an intense and fresh artist both live and when recorded. He has opened for Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root and has been playing music for over fifteen years with multiple instruments, including guitar, bass, vocals, piano, harmonica, ‘ukulele, and trombone. His first album, “We’ll All Know Soon,” released in 2021, illustrates a plunge into adulthood and the realization that growing out of who you once were is a chaotic but liberating experience. Shortly after that, he released “Meadowsongs,” an effortless ode to his hometown that suggests most of life’s beauty is found simply in the places and people that surround us. Both albums strive to showcase the natural wonder of the world and his understanding of his place in it. Grant continues to create new music every day, enraptured and driven by the thought of what lies ahead and grounded by reverence for what came before.